Natural Wifi


As the Internet has turned into a total environment – technically, but above all, economically – Nature becomes its aesthetic

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Spuren spuren Αθήνα—All in Golden Ratio


Text by Württembergische Kunstverein: The exhibition Spuren spuren Αθήνα—All in Golden Ratio is the result of collaboration between Asli Serbest and

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Work at Office US: The US Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia


Through different media and formats, m-a-u-s-e-r’s current collaborative work investigates architecture as part of global, post capitalist culture: —

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Look it is just easier this way


To reflect the conceptual framework of the image intensive BYOB exhibitions, the work avoids the image while producing an image:

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Eternal Internet Series


The series of three works exploits and reflects the Internet as quasi infinite archive of images and forms: the gold

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