Archive of Temporaries

The continuously evolving archive stores various materials on castors: models, books, films without strict categorization and order. It is “a

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Temporary Forms of a City

Set up to explore temporary forms of the city, the exhibition is conceived as a comparative apparatus: it relates and confronts a refuge with a festival, a market with a military camp… it shows difficult/impossible neighborhoods in an architecture that aims at providing the context for discussions on the complex connections and contradictions of spaces that we share as “resident aliens and temporary settlers”, as citizens and non-citizens; between faith and pop culture, between militarization and migration.

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Wiesn Hymns / Military Murmurs

Within a fundamentally visual exhibition of temporary cities, the sound installation brings together field recordings from ephemeral urban phenomena that

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Everyone’s Monuments are Everyone Else’s Documents

Asli Serbest and Mona Mahall in conversation about the architecture of the exhibition, the curatorial concept developed for the exhibition

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Gates, Stairs, Signs

Put on castors, the elements in the exhibition on temporary cities address questions of territory and its determination. They aim

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