Junk Jet n°3 flux-us! flux-you!

Junk Jet’s moving issue. It asked for fluxing architectures, boogie, buildings, rolling rocks, flying architectures, provisory pyramids, and temporary eternities; for all kinds of practical concepts and conceptual practices, for stable happenings and unstable thoughts, for lifted cellars and dugin landmarks, for curtains, mobiles, house boats, bubbles, zeppelins, flying saucers …

… it received fantastic forms of material, immaterial, physical and mental flux. Not only were immovables made movable, but also were put forth moving ideas of aesthetic, social, and political concern. We recognize that it is in microarchitectures, where architecture resides today, that speculations cannot be hilarious enough, and that the post-digital is the era, we already live in.



With fluxing contributions by: Albo Jeavons, Aristide Antonas, Asli Serbest, Chris Papasadero (fwis), Claude Closky (sittes), Claude Lothier, David L. Hays, Edgartista Gonzalez, Enrique Ramirez (A456), Erwin Weil, Francois Blanciak, Gerd de Bruyn, Greg J. Smith, Gregor Passens, HeHe, Hussein Chalayan, Isabelle Willnauer, Jim Venturi, Joop de Boer, Kate Bowden, Luna Maurer, Maider Lopez, Marion Kalmer, Matthew Pull, Mimi Zeiger, Mona Mahall, Moorhead&Moorhead, N.I.E.I, The Office Of Playlab Inc., Slater Harrison, South Pole Station, SpY, Taizo Yamamoto, Tom Ngo, Liam Young of Tomorrow‘s Thoughts Today, Urban Operations

project: edition and design

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Release date: February 2010
Print run: 555
Number of pages: 120
Measurements: 18 x 13 x 1 cm
Weight: 160 g
ISBN: 978-3-00-030127-8
Internet: http://junkjet.net