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Natural Wifi: Palm Tree

Investigating the evolving techno-landscape of Los Angeles, the two-part video work shows a palm tree and a stone, both telling us about the role Nature plays in architecture at the moment of its loss or abandonment.

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Junk Jet n°6 here and where

The sixth issue of our magazine investigates the local in the global culture. We consider it a collaborative, complex, crazy

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Junk Jet n°5 net.heart

This issue has developed an archive impossible that transports, in print format, net based works, or fragments of works showing

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Junk Jet n°4 statistics of mystics

Issue four of our magazine dealing with underdog art, architecture and media. Junk Jet n°4 was combing through studios, laboratories,

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Junk Jet n°3 flux-us! flux-you!

Junk Jet’s moving issue. It asked for fluxing architectures, boogie, buildings, rolling rocks, flying architectures, provisory pyramids, and temporary eternities;

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