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Everyone’s Monuments are Everyone Else’s Documents

Asli Serbest and Mona Mahall in conversation about the architecture of the exhibition, the curatorial concept developed for the exhibition

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Köçek Pisti

The dance floor installed at ALT Art Space’s exhibition space during the Istanbul Design Biennial creates an environment for visitors to engage in dance. Live sets and performances of various DJs and musicians from Istanbul remix Ottoman and Arabesk with today’s sounds, while various video collages explore dance as a form of human self-design through the lens of the historic figure of the köçek (dancer).

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Extreme Land — Conversation between m-a-u-s-e-r and Luca Marullo

The architect has always been a figure of crisis—crisis in the sense of the old Greek word for a decision

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Natural Wifi: Stones and Palm Trees

Investigating the evolving techno-landscape of Los Angeles, the two-part work shows a stone and a palm tree, both telling us about the role Nature plays in architecture at the moment of its loss or abandonment.

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OfficeUS: The US Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia

Through different media and formats, the collaborative work investigates architecture as part of global, post capitalist culture.

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